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亚搏app首页-土帅之殇!从王宝山到李霄鹏 两大国足主帅热门下课有一共同原因

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At the end of last year, after Lippi took the initiative to resign, the Football Association determined the principle of using local coaches. The three national football coaches are Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng and Wang Baoshan. Less than a year later, Li Tie was still the coach of the national football team. The other two losers, Li Xiaopeng and Wang Baoshan, as recognized representatives of local coaches, have all experienced the end of get out of class in the Super League. difficult.


Li Xiaopeng and Wang Baoshan resigned after class, but people with a discerning eye can see that it is definitely not because of their grades. Li Xiaopeng led Luneng亚搏app首页 to the third place in the group this year, second only to Evergrande and Suning. It is commendable that Luneng once beat Evergrande with one goal, which is also a feat that has not been seen for many years.


The dismissal of Wang Baoshan happened before the start of the Super League, which has nothing to do with the results. Wang Baoshan led Jianye last season to eighth in the league, a good result that has not been seen for many years. During the preparation period of this season, Jianye performed quite well in the warm-up match and was recognized as the dark horse of the new season. After Wang Baoshan dismissed get out of class, Jianye's record in the new season was bad, and the group stage ranked bottom early, showing Wang Baoshan's coaching ability.


As the team’s meritorious coach, the coaching level has long been recognized, and even regarded as the candidates for the national football coach. Why did Li Xiaopeng and Wang Baoshan both choose to leave amidst the controversy? I am afraid it is because of the complicated internal relations.


On Li Xiaopeng's side, various abnormal behaviors before get out of class: After the three transfer windows of the Chinese Super League were opened, he broke the news that he wanted to "find the big fish". In the end, Luneng just made up a Guedes; and Yao Junsheng, who was a member of the Lippi national team last year, Luneng canceled the league registration, but did not apply亚搏体育app软件 for loan or transfer; then contacted Li Xiaopeng circulated on the Internet, Luneng did not hesitate to publicly refute the rumors. Everything implies that Luneng's internal undercurrents are surging, and Li Xiaopeng is facing tremendous pressure in signing and employing people. In addition, after Luneng's equity reform, the future direction is a mystery. In the end, Li Xiaopeng resigned in exchange for leaving the whirlpool.


On Wang Baoshan's side, Jianye has undergone various major changes this year, and the management has undergone major changes. According to reports circulating in the circle, Wang Baoshan has a deep conflict with the new team leader Yang Ji, and the power struggle is fierce. It is an extraordinary move that Xu Liang, a member of Wang Baoshan's coaching team, was driven away by Jianye management. The midfielder Feng Zhuoyi, whom Wang Baoshan valued, originally wanted to renew his contract but eventually left, which intensified the conflict between the coaching staff and the management. In the end, the Wang Baoshan team dismissed the get out of class collectively, and Yang Ji took over the pointer and cleaned a group of Wang Baoshan's reused players, but it also hurt the muscles and bones, leading to Jianye's poor record and falling into the bottom of the group early.


In the Super League, one of the biggest weaknesses of local coaches is how to deal with internal relationships. After all, in this human society, all kinds of interests are intertwined, and no one can be alone. In a Chinese Super League club with huge interests, whether signing or hiring, it will directly affect the interests of the players and even a group. How to handle these relationships will directly affect the team's performance and directly affect the head coach. In his coaching, once there is a problem that is difficult to deal wit亚搏app首页h, he can only resign or dismiss the get out of class. Whether it is Li Xiaopeng or Wang Baoshan, these local coaches who have been successful in the Super League still cannot escape this whirlpool. To


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